Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sexual Positions To Improve Chances of Pregnancy

Efforts to conceive can be both exciting and anxious experiences. It would be exciting at first, when the wife's period schedule is late for few days. Anxious if the home pregnancy test kit shows disappointing results. If this cycle repeats for few months down the road, it would be rather depressing experiences. Though you shouldn't be worried about anything if you have only been trying to conceive for several months. Couples are considered having fertility problems if they have been trying for more than a year without any results.

But before you head out to reputable IVF clinic that will definitely cost a fortune, you should know the basics first, that there are certain sexual positions that you should adopt to increase your chances of pregnancy.

The sexual positions that may encourage pregnancy are:

  • Missionary Position
    This is the oldest and most traditional sexual position. The man is on the top. This position allows sperm the right entrance to the cervix. The woman might want to put a small pillow under her hips, so after ejaculation, she can tilt her hips and let gravity works its work.

  • Doggy Style
    The woman is on her knees, and he enters from behind. This position allows for deeper penetration.

  • Spooning Position
    Lying side by side, he enters her from behind. Also use a pillow under her hips after ejaculation.

There are certain positions that should be avoided.

  • Woman on Top
    Ladies, despite how tempted you are for this position, do avoid this position as this only cause most of sperm to slide out when he separates himself from you.

  • Standing Position
    Same reason as above.

Please note, though these 2 positions are less favourable for successful conception, these positions do not prevent pregnancy. With these positions, sperm can enter uterus with the force of ejaculation and contraction of uterus usually followed after orgasm.

Good luck!