Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs, Anyone?

Happy Early Easter!!! (^-^)

And yeah, the reasons why I greet happy Easter now is because I just read this interesting research, that I thought you all should know soon!!!

If you guys have not yet bought any Easter chocolate for your beloved friends and families, you'd better rush to nearest sweet tooth stores to get dark chocolate easter eggs!!! Why? Because a new study shows that dark chocolate can lower blood pressure, with no changes to cholesterol or blood sugar.

The main reason is because dark chocolate can contain blood-pressure reducing polyphenols. In this preliminary research, a small piece of dark chocolate was able to lower blood pressure by 2 or 3 points on average. The effects might be caused by polyphenols relaxing the arteries.

However, this study needs further research. But anyhow, a small or few small pieces of dark chocolate won't do you harm. Just remember the classic principle, not to take in any food in excessive amount.

Some of you might be wondering, why not white chocolate? what's with white chocolate then? Besides that it is too sweet (for me, of course), white chocolate is actually polyphenol-free.

So, if you want to indulge your guilty pleasure, at least you have to do it in the right way. Correct?

Title: Journal of the American Medical Association
Author: Taubert D et al. Effects of low habitual cocoa intake in blood pressure and bioactive nitric oxide. A randomized controlled trial. URL:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Laptop

Just got my new laptop last week..err.. for FREE!!! yeah!!! Hahah.. It was included in the wireless internet package I signed deal for next 30 months.

It is Lenovo ThinkPad X61, 12.1" XGA Screen Size. This laptop is insured 6 months for accidental damage and theft. Also insured on-site for 3 years, meaning if I encounter problems with laptop, all I need to do is to give a call to the call center and they will help me through the phone. If the problems are not fixed, then they will send people over to my place to fix it!!! Not bad at all !!!

RAM is only 1GB, a bit slow for me who is quite impatient when doing my work. But how can I complain when I got this laptop for free, rite? (^-^)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

C'est la vie !!!

More about myself (^-^)

What motivates me to write about myself this time, is because of I have just recently moved from Jakarta to Singapore. Well, that’s the plan for at least few years ahead. So, here I am, after a week here, finally somehow adjusted to living situation here.

In terms of living condition, it is totally different from back there in Jakarta. Living my life in Jakarta, and I believe many many others will agree to what am going to say, is just like living in heaven. You don’t have to clean up after your mess, you have maids to clean up, cook you dishes, wash your clothes, and just about everything else. Hehehe..nice eh? Here in Singapore, it is totally different. You just have to do it all by yourself. From sweeping, moping, dusting, laundrying, ironing, cooking, washing dishes, even tidying up bed. Hahhaa.. i know i know.. i might sound a lil too spoiled back then in Jakarta eh? Well..that’s just how things work in Jakarta. So it was just smart to make the most out of it. Hauhauaha..

But entertainment in Singapore is more lively, I should say. In Jakarta, the entertainment mostly only involves going to the mall, be it for lunch or dinner, or for bowling (which I hardly go to), or movies (this is the most common entertainment). Hmmm..there were some good clubs too. But here in Singapore, the entertainment includes all of the above, and plus there are some parks and theaters to go to!!!

Parks may be quite ordinanary for some of you, or maybe most of you. But the theathers!!! Luv it so much!!! It is called “Esplanade, Theatres on the Bay”. The design of the building is very unique. It reminds me of fruit called durian (some of you might refer it as stinky fruit coz the fruit really has a strong, good smell to me ^-^ ). Those who have come to know durian will know what I am saying regarding the design of this building.

Went to the Esplanade last week, and there was free jazz concert show. It was really great and entertaining. And the entertainment in Esplanade include much more than music. It also includes theater, dance, visual arts, and multi arts. To top it more, there are always some free shows from time to time. Unbelieaveable! It is just something very different kind of entertainment, and I really luvvvvv it so much!!!

Plus, the transportation infrastructure in Singapore is sooo well organized. It is so easy to get to anywhere. Making life a lot lot lot easier. Unlike in Jakarta, where we girls would need to wait for driver or someone else to drive us anywhere. It is indeed quite uncommon to find girls driving on the road due to safety reasons.

I am sure I would really come to love staying in Singapore so much, well, despite all the house chores I have to do. There are sooo many things to do and many places to explore. Haven’t got my chance to go to Sentosa Island coz it has been raining almost everyday since last week. Well, I would surely take my time and enjoy to do one thing at a time (^-^)

Oh yah, did I mention the food was GREAT?!!! More reasons to luvvvvv Singapore (^-^)